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US-2007113818-A1: Apparatus including a preformed one-piece seal patent, US-2007114917-A1: Aromatic amine derivative and organic electroluminescence device employing the same patent, US-2007128803-A1: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device patent, US-2007185829-A1: Method and system for accessing a file system patent, US-2008074800-A1: Manufacturing method of thin-film magnetic head and thin-film magnetic head patent, US-2008107709-A1: Radio-opaque polymeric biomaterials patent, US-2008268622-A1: Method for manufacturing a crystalline silicon layer patent, US-2008280419-A1: Method for nanostructuring of the surface of a substrate patent, US-2009162881-A1: Method of measuring adenine nucleotide patent, US-2009170714-A1: Multiwell incubation apparatus and method of analysis using the same patent, US-2009194143-A1: Photovoltaic Arrays, Systems and Roofing Elements Having Parallel-Series Wiring Architectures patent, US-2010076727-A1: Fluid ejection device and method patent, US-2004040427-A1: Cutter blade assembly for cutting scoop shaped vegetable products patent, US-2005091826-A1: Expendable torque converter alignment ring and assembly method patent, US-2005169856-A1: Coloring composition, process of making, uses thereof patent, US-2005192068-A1: Radio frequency arrangement and production method and also use patent, US-2006029885-A1: Resist developer and resist pattern formation method using same patent, US-2006076224-A1: Successive pyrolysis system of waste synthetic-highly polymerized compound patent, US-2006223203-A1: Advanced process control model incorporating a target offset term patent, US-2007087176-A1: Electrical contact element for a fuel cell having a conductive monoatomic layer coating patent, US-2007117376-A1: Method for fabricating a semiconductor device patent, US-2007157631-A1: Control method for thermo-electric heating of a vehicle seat patent, US-2007175204-A1: SCR muffler patent, US-2007240824-A1: Liquid processing apparatus patent, US-2007252470-A1: Rotary device of generator or motor patent, US-2008162525-A1: System for defining data mappings between data structures patent, US-2008213696-A1: Negative Working, Heat-Sensitive, Lithographic Printing Plate Precursor patent, US-2008230762-A1: Phase change memory elements having a confined portion of phase change material on a recessed contact patent, US-2008254637-A1: Methods for removing photoresist defects and a source gas for same patent, US-2009125208-A1: Plant Control System patent, US-2009138740-A1: Method and computer device capable of dealing with power fail patent, US-2009157001-A1: Recessed Electrodes for Sensing Flow in Ophthalmic Surgical System patent, US-2009211057-A1: Hinge module and electronic equipment patent, US-2010088106-A1: Methods of Providing Published Content patent, US-2004203468-A1: Transmit diversity and separating multiple loopback signals patent, US-2005061266-A1: Engine coolant crossover assembly patent, US-2005088670-A1: Dynamic IDZ precession in a multi-pass direct marking system patent, US-2005126262-A1: Pressure sensor apparatus for measuring pressures including knock conditions in engine cylinders patent, US-2006031216-A1: Method and system for searching of a video archive patent, US-2006234458-A1: Dual wavelength thermal flux laser anneal patent, US-2006240407-A1: Detection and identification of enteroviruses patent, US-2007127463-A1: Method, apparatus, and computer program product for gatekeeper streaming patent, US-2007299623-A1: Electromagnetic Tracker patent, US-2008030312-A1: Device for deriving information about displacement of a vehicle component patent, US-2008061427-A1: Packaging structure and fabricating method thereof patent, US-2008093288-A1: Filter Medium for a Fluid patent, US-2008313831-A1: Powered Drain Cleaning Tool patent, US-2009157720-A1: Raising the baseline for high-precision text classifiers patent, US-2009177593-A1: Portable base station device and charging method patent, US-2004015736-A1: Method, program, and storage medium for acquiring logs patent, US-2004049572-A1: Event notification in storage networks patent, US-2004220483-A1: Method and apparatus for evaluating human stress using photoplethysmography patent, US-2006061660-A1: Image stabilization device patent, US-2006074095-A1: Novel purine derivatives, preparation method and use as medicines patent, US-2006173792-A1: System and method for verifying the age and identity of individuals and limiting their access to appropriate material patent, US-2006288023-A1: Computer graphic display visualization system and method patent, US-2007033650-A1: Method and apparatus for defending against denial of service attacks in IP networks by target victim self-identification and control patent, US-2007139262-A1: Managed traverse system and method to acquire accurate survey data in absence of precise GPS data patent, US-2007192089-A1: Apparatus and method for reproducing audio data patent, US-2008132674-A1: Method for the Production of an Aqueous Polymer Dispersion patent, US-2008212401-A1: Modular Dye Meter patent, US-2008241939-A1: Sample analyzer, reagent aspirating method, and computer program product patent, US-2009092374-A1: Digital Network-Based Video Tagging System patent, US-2009174249-A1: Device for attaching motor vehicle seat covers or mats patent, US-2009222435-A1: Locally computable spam detection features and robust pagerank patent, US-2010002882-A1: Method and Device for Anonymous Encrypted Mobile Data and Speech Communication patent, US-2003205386-A1: Methods and apparatus for expanding tubulars patent, US-2004209381-A1: Microfluidic arrangement for metering of liquids patent, US-2005100391-A1: Liquid dispenser and cleaner patent, US-2005130213-A1: Selective ligation and amplification assay patent, US-2005221834-A1: Method for backup connection and an electronic device using the method patent, US-2006150080-A1: System and method for calling attention to a location of departure in a display patent, US-2006151945-A1: Nozzle for a random selection machine patent, US-2006215020-A1: Visual recognition apparatus, methods, and programs for vehicles patent, US-2007160243-A1: System and method for separation of a user's voice from ambient sound patent, US-2007251218-A1: NOx control using a neural network patent, US-2008011013-A1: Single Evaporator Refrigeration System For Multi-Compartment Refrigerator Appliance With Isolated Air Flows patent, US-2009061735-A1: Systems and methods for in-situ recording head burnishing patent, US-2010075413-A1: Improved process for the culturing of cells patent, US-2004153203-A1: Apparatus for automatically controlling the work flow of an automatic wrapping machine, in particular for rolls of paper patent, US-2004231859-A1: Method, system & apparatus for orienting casing and liners patent, US-2004253972-A1: Cell phone patent, US-2005218553-A1: Apparatus for and method of producing a pre-stretched plastic strap for securing packages, packaging containers or other articles patent, US-2006238055-A1: Magnetic motor patent, US-2007114040-A1: System and Method for Sensing Parameters in a Wellbore patent, US-2007240152-A1: System and method for sharing software certification and process metadata patent, US-2007300284-A1: Method and apparatus for automatic compensation of video signal losses from transmission over conductors patent, US-2008215033-A1: Spinal diagnostic methods and apparatus patent, US-2008256932-A1: Exhaust Gas Purification System patent, US-2009007692-A1: Method and apparatus for testing composite materials patent, US-2009100092-A1: Multimedia platform synchronizer patent, US-2009133636-A1: Illumuniated hummingbird feeder patent, US-2009182883-A1: Policy control and charging (pcc) rules based on mobility protocol patent, US-2009191079-A1: Temporary self-lubricating coating for scroll compressor patent, US-2009227418-A1: Methods and Systems for Regulating Hill Descent Speed of an Electric Vehicle patent, US-2010093836-A1: Compounds and methods for modulating protein expression patent, US-2003137704-A1: Progressive image transmission using discrete wavelet transforms patent, US-2003159272-A1: Iron core of rotating-electric machine and manufacturing method for the same patent, US-2003167357-A1: Enhancement of source code for execution on a computer platform that has a capability of employing a memory file patent, US-2003175489-A1: Moulding material patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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